About Us Requirements for Misc. Consular Services

Requirements of documents related to Miscellaneous Consular Services

 Basic  requirements  of  all   Misc.  Consular  Services  (based  on passport):

  1. Misc. Form duly filled-in
  2. Valid passport & visa/permit
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Recent passport size photograph of the applicant.
  5. Some other documents as specified by the Consular Officer at the Consulate for specific services

Some of the important Consular Services and its requirements

  1. Issuance of an Emergency Certificate (EC

    An Emergency certificate (EC) can be issued to the applicant for one way travel to India.
    b) Applicant should have to upload application Online using the following link: https://portal6.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html or using the VFS Global website.
    c) With hard-copy of the application, applicant needs to visit (with prior permission) the Consulate personally with the following documents:
    i) With an application explaining the reason for EC.
    ii) Photocopy of front page, last page and Visa page of the passport.
    iii) Additional documents: Copy of Indian Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID Card or Birth/ School certificate for verification.
    iv) Proof of local residence.
    v) Photographs: (a) Two passport size and (b) Two, 2 inch by 2 inch size coloured
    vi) Applicant needs to submit his original passport for cancellation.
    vii) Sea-fares needs some other document as specified by the Consular Officer at the Consulate.

2. Renunciation of Indian citizenship.

a) Applicant should have to upload application Online in the following link: https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in
Please fill-up your application online (Form XXII and particulars which are certified by other Indian citizen) and submit to the Consulate with the hard copy of your application along with all original documents (a set of photocopy as well), a recent coloured photograph (2 inches X 2 inches) and proof of residence.
b) Some other document as specified by the Consular Officer at the Consulate
c) The processing time is minimum 5 weeks and maximum 10 weeks.

3. Birth Registration Certificate for a Child Born in South Africa

 i) You have to apply online for registering the birth using the following link

Documents to be uploaded:

  1. Passports & visa/permit
  2. Marriage certificate of parents
  3. Coloured photograph of the child (2 inch by 2 inch)
  4. Signatures of both the parents (father and mother)
  5. Birth Certificate (South African) of child

    i) Submit the application and then download a copy bearing MHA no.
    ii) With the downloaded copy, one of the parents has to visit the Consulate personally for submission of the application with all the documents mentioned above (for verification purpose) along with a set of photocopies and a photograph (2 inch by 2 inch).

4. Power Of Attorney (POA)

a) Applicant needs to visit Indian Consulate with the following documents, in originals, as well as a set of photocopies of those documents are required at the time of submission of your application.
b) Presence of two witnesses is mandatory to sign before the consular officer, as a token of their willingness.

c) Documents required for applicant:

  1. Copy of unsigned duly filled in POA (Drafted by Indian Lawyer)
  2. Passport with valid permit/ (Visa/PR/ID) or OCI Card
  3. Proof of present residential address
  4. Two passport size recent photograph

d ) Documents required for the witnesses:

  • Passport or ID
  • Proof of address
  • One passport size photograph